Toll Free Phone Service for Small Business

When it comes to obtaining customers whom trust in you and service, they require a way in which they can easily and quickly contact you. One of the most effective means of contact you can invest in for your customers is a telephone number which not only allows for your customer base to contact you, but where possible, contact you for a low rate which benefits you both in different ways.

As the demand for easier customer relations was recognized, toll free phone services were put into place. In it’s beginnings it was increasingly difficult to obtain a toll free number for a business but nowadays, these services can be set up for your small business in a matter of days. Although a toll free phone service is extremely advantageous for any business, small businesses may essentially require such a service more, in order to draw in clientele from various other regions where they provide their service. This in fact can make a huge difference in the number of incoming requests for the company’s service, thus increasing your profits and popularity. However, before you contemplate investing in this service for your small business, there are few things you should educate yourself on regarding toll free phone services before investing in a provider.

Firstly, there are the rates you could potentially require paying for use of the service. The rate you are quoted for may firstly, be determined by the nature of your business and the location of your business in conjunction to the phone service provider. If your toll free phone service is intended for those who live in close proximity to your business, you can expect normal, low rates. However, if your service is available for those of a long distance, you can expect to gain slightly higher rates depending on your provider. You may also experience an additional monthly fee if you have opted for a monthly plan as opposed to a yearly plan. Other fees may come from hiring equipment from your providers which is beneficial if you are not expecting to receive a high level of calls, whereas companies who are expecting to have their phone service used frequently, should opt to purchase their own equipment.

Depending on the provider you choose to use, your service may also come with a number of different features. Some services will provide Call Blocking with respect to the region of call origin and specific numbers which can be beneficial to those who do not want their number to be accessed by external companies such as cold callers. If you have opted to purchase a number of toll free numbers, you can track which numbers are being called through the DNIS (Dialed Number Identification Service) and at what frequency. This is beneficial for analyzing the popularity of the business’ contact methods with respect to marketing strategies which can help you identify how popular your toll free phone service has been. Dedicated numbers for premium customers is an extremely advantageous business concept to adopt. This can be made possible through Access codes which can be assigned to the toll free numbers. In such a case, only those persons who are offered the privilege will be allowed to contact you through this specific number.

Before opting to use a service from a provider it is important to have a composed a comparative analysis of the various different service providers available to you and the different plans and features they can offer you. This will help you choose the ideal plan that suits your small business’ needs. Your business needs to have a great relationship with its customer base which requires them to have the ability to contact you with ease. By investing in a toll free phone service for your small business-no matter what your niche may be; you will benefit from extended trust from your customers and the chance to truly make your business a success.

Why Free Business Email Services Like Google Apps Are No Longer Free

Google Apps, Microsoft’s and many other smaller providers used to offer free business email accounts. This lured a lot of people into moving their business mail to these giant corporations. However, when these giants withdrew these free services around 2012 to 2014, there was a mass exodus of users to the regular paid email services. Although users who had signed up prior to the free account withdrawal were “grandfathered” in and allowed to continue using their accounts, there were very few upgrade options for them. This article deals with why most of the free business email services did not find it lucrative to continue their services at no cost.


One of the most important concern for free email users was tech support. When you do take an email service for your business, when your business expands and the Proprietor is not the same as the IT Chief, then you know that you have outgrown the free services. The paid services of most of these providers was prohibitively expensive for most types of businesses. People expected a lot of support and assistance in managing and setting up their account. This is something that Google and Microsoft lacked. Although they did appoint authorized service providers to help local businesses, the continuous support requirement was getting overwhelming. This meant that for a free service, these companies would need to hire support personnel, without getting any direct returns. We must remember that companies like Google and Microsoft did not aim to make money from their mailing services. Their aim was to make money from profiling users for advertising revenue. Microsoft’s story is similar. Hence there was no intent to put back the money in giving any more than their standard free features.


Going hand in hand with support are the configuration issues that people used to face. Almost every user at some point in time will need to configure or sync or connect their account with some hardware device of theirs. Whether it’s a mobile phone or desktop or laptop, this was inevitable and should have been foreseen. However, Google Apps and Microsoft lacked the basic support infrastructure that paid email providers were offering. Hence, even though their service was free, their support partners charged money and made up for the free service. This money did not benefit Google or Microsoft and hence did not help them in any way. There was no direct incentive for offering free email services, especially when people required extensive support when setting up their account.


Google Apps for business is priced at $50 per user per year, whereas Microsoft charges $48 per user per year at the minimum. When you realize that they also offer a free email service till today, you feel cheated. In effect you feel that you are actually paying for something which is being given out for free. What most people don’t realise is that the free accounts come without any support or without any assistance. But nobody wants to pay just for the additional support. Although the companies are justified in their pricing, they are not able to match competition, due to the simple fact that they have large expenses. Just like all other branded products, business email from these large corporations also costs more, without any visual value addition.

What About Website Hosting?

A big put off for people who used services like Google Apps and was that they wanted a one stop solution which included their website hosting, file storage and email. While Google Apps offered business email, it left a big void as far as web hosting was concerned. Google did offer alternatives like Google Sites, but the options left a lot to be desired. Almost all the business email options offer their own website editor with a limited number of templates. Beyond that no customizations can be made. The same was the case for Microsoft’s Outlook and Office 360 service. This is one of the main factors why people prefer conventional web hosting, even if they have a free option.

3 Crucial Steps to Choose a Free Business Opportunity – Home Based Business

There are many questions that come up when someone decides they want to join a free business opportunity home based business. When I wanted to join my opportunity there were many things I considered and looked upon. These are some things I’ll share with you within this article.

1. I understand that your looking for something free and understand everything is not free in life and you will have to put some type of investment eventually. If you join a completely free business then people who you bring in will be completely free also and there will be no money exchanged. That’s why the first thing that is important to understand is that there should be a way to upgrade so you will be compensated when you bring someone into the business. It just make sense.

2. The second part of the whole equation would have to be what products and services do you want to promote. There has to be market for them if anyone’s going to buy it. One thing to look at that I find interesting is that I always like to promote something that has worldwide appeal. The reason why like to promote something that has worldwide is simple, I can target many more people all across the globe from my computer chair.

3. The last thing you should look at when you want to join a company is to see how long they have been around. The worst thing you could possibly do is team up with someone that has just really opened up a couple weeks ago and are most likely going to be shut down a couple of weeks after. What this basically means is to do your due diligence and always research before you get involved.

I person like to get involved with a company that has been around for at least five years, because it shows strong stability, financial background, and a true growing business.