A Free Business Credit Report Can Be Obtained For Your Business

Although harder then individual reports, you can get a free business credit report and I am going to tell you how. Once you have your report you can use it to clean bad credit.

Small businesses normally receive payments after they have delivered their product/services. Since most use credit for producing these in the mean time, their credit is important in their survival. By following this guide you will be able to get your free business credit score.

The first step: try to get a new loan or credit card with your business name. A denial is what you want so go for something you believe you will end up denied for. Use one that advertises quick response so you will receive the denial quickly. If you have been turned down recently you can use that to get your free business credit report.

The second step: wait for the denial unless you already have one. The agency which they used to decide on your denial will be on this.

The third step: mail a request letter to the agency with the denial letter asking for a business credit report.

The forth step: allow 30 days for your free business credit report to arrive.

Ok, your free business credit report has arrived, how you can use this to improve bad credit will be looked at next.

Make payments on time as this is crucial to your company’s credit. If you cannot make a payment on time you MUST contact your creditor immediately! This will better your chance to receive an extension or a later payment schedule. Also your chances are improved if you have a prior good history of on time payments. Your creditors are more likely to work with you in the future if you stick with these new terms.

Let’s take a look at the free business credit report you recently received and see if we can clean bad credit from it. If it contains duplicates, errors or inquiries that were unsolicited you can clear these, improving your credit. Highlight or circle these and send to the credit agency along with a letter explaining each and any information you have that supports these.

Make payments on time, call immediately if you are going to be late on a payment and clean errors from your credit report. You can do this using your free business credit report.