Find Out More on How People Can Get Free VoIP Services

With the help of free VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), people can spend lesser money on their telecommunication expenses. With the use of this technology, they can talk to other people in various parts of the world, particularly using packet-switched networks or the Internet. While some Internet service providers offer free VoIP service, others charge their customers with corresponding rates depending on how long they use it. With this in mind, it is but right for people to choose carefully what Internet service provider can offer free VoIP services.

For individuals who are really after free VoIP services, they can check out for Internet service providers that offer special deals and interesting packages involving the use of VoIP services. While many of them charge specific amounts for inter-network connections, other service providers still offer free VoIP calls as long as they are directed to other people who are using the same network. Although some of them seek charges for VoIP calls, one good thing about it is that the rates of these services are really inexpensive compared to regular telephone and mobile phone calls.

List of Internet Service Providers that Offer Free VoIP Calls in One Way or the Other

Level 3

As one of the leading telecommunications service providers in the world, Level 3 offers an improved VoIP services. Its free VoIP service is very impressive, as it offers clear sound transfers from one user to the other. Furthermore, its reliable service shows a huge improvement compared to the previous services. Some business enterprises are very positive about the benefits and advantages of this service especially in the field of business. However, it has certain inconveniences especially when used as a regular communication tool, mainly because telecommunication companies and their services are still better compared to the quality of free VoIP calls.


Operating in certain countries beyond North America, VoipCheap is another impressive group that offers free VoIP calls, particularly to ordinary telephones as well as mobile phones. Furthermore, using its software is also free, which makes it very attractive and interesting for everyone. However, using VoipCheap has a downside, as its free VoIP service is limited. Overall, people can only use at most 300 minutes of free calls per week towards a specific Internet Protocol address. Furthermore, this special service is also limited in terms of coverage, with some countries still excluded from the deal.

Yahoo! Voice

For people who are using personal computers to make free VoIP calls, Yahoo! Voice is one of the leading groups in this kind of service. Unlike other options, this service can be used together with Yahoo Instant Message. Although this is currently one of the easiest and simplest services available today, it has yet to master free VoIP calls. For this reason, people must expect to encounter certain technical difficulties at times. In recent years, its free VoIP call service remains one of the most widely used in the world.


Just like Yahoo! Voice, Skype is also one of the topnotch VoIP service providers for people using PCs. Its free VoIP calls is very impressive, as well as its free downloadable software. However, its free VoIP calls do not apply to mobile phones and regular telephones, requiring people to avail the Skype Card before they can make free calls online.