Free Business Marketing on Yelp – Reach Over 25 Million People Each Month – Does It Really Work?

Every month, a website called attracts over 25 million users who are interested in reading about the experiences, reviews, and suggestions, that other people have had in regards to businesses and services in their local area or places they wish to visit.

In this day and age where technology has leveled the playing field for all businesses in any industry, this is the new “word of mouth” advertising and if you’re business is not in front of an audience of that magnitude, then it is time for you to change the way you think about how you promote your business or service.

Everyone knows that word of mouth advertising is a great way to build your business. What many business owners might not realize is that word of mouth doesn’t actually have to come from someone’s lips. Today written online reviews and ratings can either make or break your business so more than ever you need to be aware of what people are thinking.

Online reviews can come in the form of local ratings and reviews websites, personal blogs and websites, open forums and message boards, and of course your own website.

If you have a company website, it is essential to set up an area for your customers to leave testimonials and comments. This is the best way for you to see what people are actually saying about your company without you having to run all over the internet tracking down the various comments. It is also an opportunity to improve and or grow your business or service based on the feedback of your customers.

Free business marketing on Yelp works.

Gone are the days where you had to call your friends up and ask them “what restaurant do you recommend?” or “do you have a auto mechanic that you trust?” Today, you can get the same recommendations from many people in your local area- in a split second. This is why became a web sensation practically over night.

Everyone wants to know what to expect from a company and there are a lot of people out there that will read every comment posted about a business prior to actually doing business with them. It’s just smart shopping. Of course, you would love for there to be nothing but good things to say about your business but those bad comments can help you to if you think about it.

As mentioned, you can take suggestions from the bad comments on how to improve the goods or services you offer. This way you can show those potential customers, “yes we had an issue but we’re working to make it right.” With online reviews you can respond to those dissatisfied customers and try to turn a bad situation around so that future customers will see you actually care about them.

You MUST use free Yelp advertising for businesses to grow your company.

Of course, good online reviews will lead more customers to your door and in today’s world “viral marketing” can explode your business virtually over night. You don’t have to do anything but sit back and continue in the good work. But, always remember that those bad reviews don’t have to break your business. It’s all in how you handle them. Too many bad reviews without any resolution in sight will keep people from darkening your door.

Even the best companies get bad reviews from time to time, if the good outnumber the bad then you are on the right track.