Free Guestbook Service At Your Doorstep

Website guest books are places where visitors to the website add in their names and other details. It is a good idea to have a website guestbook, especially if the person hosting the site is interested in knowing who all visited the site and also to get feedback. There are free guestbook service websites on the internet that allow a person to set up a guestbook on their sites without any hassle.

The Advantages Of Having A Guestbook

There are many advantages of having a guestbook on a website. The advantage differs according to the specific purpose of the website. If the site is meant for business, then the guestbook will be the place where the clients leave their information. It thus enables the business to collect a database of prospective or existing clients. It could also be used to collect feedback from the customers or clients regarding the product or service it is dealing in. This would help the management to know the pulse of the clientele and alter their products or services accordingly. If the purpose is non-business, then too guestbook is useful. In case the site is a personal blog or a travelogue, it lets the host know what type of people visit or go through the website. It also gives a space for the readers to leave their personal comments. It can be for any personal site. The guestbook is a great resource for every one of them.

Free Guestbook Service

Free guestbook is the ideal way to add a guestbook on a website. These service providers offer the service free of charge. The guestbook is without ads and provides a wide range of facilities. These include an exclusive URL, unlimited messages, spam block, adjustable layout, other customization options like adding image and text, editing options for messages and also the facility to reply to messages if necessary. Usually, the host gets an email whenever an entry is made into the guestbook. This way, he or she can keep track of the entries.

Guestbook services allow blocking of IP address from the browsers. This ensures privacy and security of the guestbook. The guestbook service is available in any time zone and also allows the host to get print outs. It also allows the users to give an exclusive name to the guestbook. This is like a unique ID that will not be repeated. These services allow the same person to have two or more guest books. That is, they can register for the guest books with the same email id and name.

A personalized guestbook is what makes a website livelier. It allows the people logging in to interact with the host and gives a feeling that their views and messages are being heard. Free guestbook service just makes the job of creating a guestbook easier. With their easy to link and use system, the guestbook becomes accessible to everyone who wishes to start a website, be it for business or personal.