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Starting an Online Business Using Free Business Advice

As an online business owner I am regularly asked “What is the best way to optimize a webpage to create traffic generation?” It’s not an easy answer because it depends on who is asking and what their knowledge or experience level is.

When it comes to search engine optimization there is no single method of success. However there are small steps everyone can do and then test the results to see if they are working. Make necessary adjustments when the results are not working and then test again. This may sound a bit hit and miss however it is really very sound advice.

Search engine optimization means making a webpage highly visible as possible to search engines for a given keyword or keyword phrase. Keep in mind that your visitor types in very specific keywords (search phrase) on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing because they are looking for something very specific.

If you know your most important keyword phrase that is good. If not, use a free keyword tool like Google’s, just type in your search box, Google keyword tool and there it is. Learn to use it because in this business if you don’t you will never get much traffic to your online business.

Now enter in the keyword phrase that you think people are searching for to find your product or service. Then check how much traffic that keyword is getting. Now look to see how much competition that keyword is receiving. Typically short keywords also known as shot tail, are highly targeted and usually have too much competition for one to compete with. This means you are not likely to get on page one of a search. Therefore using long tail keywords might be the answer. The keyword tool may tell you that there is less traffic but also less competition. This is a good place to start your keyword testing.

By placing the keywords you have researched in your heading tags and content within the webpage you are optimizing your site. You can now test your results. I highly recommend setting up a Google Analytics account using your website URL and follow their instructions so you can analyze the incoming data of your website. Then test your results and make adjustments when necessary.

If you decided to take this free business advice and do this SEO yourself it will be very educational. You will be an optimization pro after you do this a few times and will learn the techniques required for traffic generation.

For those interested in starting an online business we have a lot of good quality free information available on our website. Education is the key to success so please take advantage and use it.

Why You Must Not Choose a Free Answering Service

Who would want to answer to answer calls every second of the business hour? It’s a tiring task that although simple to do, takes the mind off the more important things. But admit it, you need to answer all phone calls in order to keep your business moving forward. You need to know if the caller needs to set an appointment and you need to take note of the preferred schedule. You also need to know if the person calling is the doctor who is stuck in traffic and won’t be in the clinic for the next hour and two. There are so many possibilities with each phone call that running a medical practice without a telephone is like a fishing living out of the water – it won’t last long. So if you are tired of answering phone calls day in and day out, why not tell the proprietor of the clinic where you work to buy an answering service?

Basically, an answering service should have the following characteristics:

• It should not sound non-human. Frankly, only a portion of your current and existing customers are willing to spend some of their time interacting with a robot even if it’s only for the setting up of an appointment. It gives them a feeling of distance and coldness, like the clinic intentionally placed a robot in between the patient and the business.

• It should be highly responsive. This means that if the system has assigned a number to represent an answer (usually for yes or no questions) then the number should be consistent all throughout the recorded voice call. If at one part, the number 1 is for yes, then it should continue being a yes the entire time.

• It should be easy to maintain. The main reason why you will have an answering service installed in your clinic is to cut the load of work that your staff has and therefore free them to fulfill their other, more important obligations like processing paperwork and making sure that all customers are as comfortable as possible. Getting any part of office automation too needy for human intervention will only defeat the purpose of freeing more time.

• It should be easy to use too; and this goes to both you as the clinic staff and to all existing and future patients.

Is it possible to have a free answering service?

If you are running a business, you are discouraged from installing anything that is free. Free service is usually free because it is still in its testing phase therefore making it susceptible to a number of errors. It may also end up lacking in quality customer service, technical support, security and customization. Hence, you risk creating a wrong first impression that could lead to the decrease in your patient visits.

However, you can take advantage of free trials in order to determine if the services offered by a certain company fits your requirements. But free trials are limited in time so you would only use it as a basis for your decision and if you love it, then you must agree to a paid answering service in order to keep it.